Teisco - FB-2 - Vintage 60's Japan - EKO 995 Style Violin Bass Copy - Matsumoku, Univox, Kingston, Crown, cLate

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Item Number: MSST-1629
Year: 1967-1970
Origin: Japan
Condition: Excellent
Item Details:

A Very Cool Violin Bass Copy made in Japan circa late 1960's.

Rather than being just another Hofner 500/1 copy, this Teisco FB-2* is actually modelled on a 1964 EKO 995 Violin Bass. (Some fans of the EKO 995 will swear that since The Beatles didn't achieve global fame until early 1964, the EKO 995 was simply released as a quality instrument, and not to cash in on contemporary fads).

In any case, the Teisco FB-2 does a pretty decent job of honouring the 995.

It features a Large Scroll Headstock, Rosewood Fingerboard and Fully Hollow Chamber Body.

Unlike the majority of 995 copies, this FB-2 also features a pinned bridge with individual adjustable saddles (most others come stock with floating rosewood).

The neck is a 30" scale length, making it very comfortable to play. Both Single Coil Pickups have a nice clear output, measuring around 4.5k ohms each.

It is in 97% original (replacement Nut and new Potentiometers), and complete condition including the often misplaced bridge cover (with foam Mute - freshly replaced), and Chrome Finger/Thumb-rest.

It has been fully fret dressed with setup & intonation adjustment, and its electronics have been cleaned and tested prior to sale.

The original Volume and Tone pots were rated at 100Kb, resulting in a muddy tone, so they have been replaced with 250kB pots to retain a clearer sounding high end.

*After extensive research into the make and model of this bass, we were only able to find one match that designated it as a Teisco FB-2, but we also found numerous FB-2s with slightly different specs. We also came across another listing that was 100% identical to this bass, but it listed the make as 'cLate', on which we were unable to find any information on at all.*
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