Arion - SCH-z - Stereo Chorus - Analog BBD Chorus!

Regular price $125.00

Item Number: MSST-1625
Year: 1990's
Origin: Sri Lanka
Condition: Excellent
Item Details: True Analog Stereo Chorus!
Arion is relatively unknown in the Vintage Pedal world, but despite their plastic casing and garish aesthetic, they are easily capable of taking on any vintage Boss, Roland, Yamaha or Ibanez stompbox in a blind test. Fully analog BBD based chorus that yields that wonderful lush and warbly phase shifting sound. The Direct/Stereo switch is super handy as it allows for a direct dry out (for a second amp or tuner), or for true stereo phase shifting. Additionally, this switch can be repurposed when performing the popular EWS Vibe Mod (wherein the switch is used to switch between chorus or vibrato). This unit is in 100% original and 100% working order. **OEM Electronics (our in-house tech), is happy to provide a quote on performing the EWS Mod (or any other mod) to be performed prior to shipping - please message us if you wish to have it modified prior to purchase.*
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