Aria Pro II - CBS-380 - Cardinal Bass - Vintage Japan - Matsumoku - 32" Medium Scale

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Item Number: MSST-1623
Year: 1982
Origin: Japan
Condition: Excellent
Item Details: Made by Matsumoku in 1982. Thunderous and Solid!

100% Original Condition.

The Cardinal Bass features a single MB-IV Double Coil Humbucker (styled much like a Seth Lover Wide Range), Ash Body, Maple Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard, and a 32" Medium Scale length.

The pickup placement is very similar to the positioning found on single-pickup Greco Thunderbird Basses, and the tone is likewise.

Its distance from the neck prevents EB-0 Sidewinder/Mudbucker style boom/muddiness, but it is equally well distanced from the bridge, ensuring a nice wide frequency range (rather than a Mid/Treble heavy Bitey-ness).

The sound is nice and woody, and whilst it is currently strung with standard Round-wounds, we suspect that it would take very nicely to a set of Flat Wound chromes (and would pose a worthy challenge against a Hofner Violin Bass).

The Medium Scale neck is a good compromise between Short and Long Scale; the shorter length makes for an easier transition for guitarists (who are more familiar with closer fret spacing), but the 32" Scale (as opposed to a short-scale 30") helps to retain a resolute and well defined low end (whereas shorter scale lengths tend to lose clarity in the lower frequencies). It measure 42mm across the nut (P-Bass Spec), but feels slim. The Oval C Profile is most similar to a standard MIJ Fender P-Bass.

This CBS-380 has been fully serviced and setup prior to sale. The electronics have been fully checked and the ground-to-bridge connection has been improved to ensure noiseless operation. The frets have been fully dressed, re-crowned and polished, and the bridge/saddles have been thoroughly cleaned, buffed and greased for smooth adjustment. Fully intonated with a comfortable medium height action.
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