Schaller Rockoon by Kawai - RCB-50 Bass! All Original - Vintage Japan - Medium Scale 32"

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Item Number: MSST-1616
Year: Late 1980's
Origin: Japan
Condition: Excellent
Item Details: Made by Kawai for Schaller, and sold under the Rockoon name. Typical of later 1980's MIJ instruments, this bass has been made to very high standards of quality.

Modelled on the Gibson Les Paul Bass, the RCB-50 has a slightly longer scale length of 32" (rather than 30.5" as found on original LP Basses). The neck is a typical Gibson Bass Profile (slim 'D') and is most comparable to modern EB3 Basses, making for a very comfortable playing experience.

It features both of the original 'HOTBASS' pickups and standard Jazz Bass style controls, (Vol, Vol, Master Tone). The original Gotoh Tuners are in perfect working order and hold tune without issue. It has been fully fret dressed with setup & intonation adjustment prior to sale.
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