KORG - POLYSIX - Vintage 1980's - 6 Voice Analog Synth - Juno slayer! - Serviced

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Item Number: MSST-1610
Year: 1981
Origin: Japan
Condition: Excellent
Item Details: True Analog Synth Sounds! In our humble opinion, the Polysix is a very strong competitor to the Roland Juno 60, considering that both feature patch memory and integrated Arpeggio functions (a feature that is conspicuously absent from the Juno 106). The only downside to the Polysix was the unfortunate choice of battery used for the internal memory, which is known to leak. Luckily, this particular unit has been completely overhauled prior to sale. The battery has been replaced with a reliable Ni-MH type (Nickle-Metal-Hydride) and all surrounding circuit traces have been refurbished and resealed. Larger value Electrolytic Capacitors have been isolated and tested/replaced where required. A full calibration as per original Service Manual instructions has been performed, and original Factory Presets (Set - 'A'), have been reloaded. Please note that this unit requires 100 VAC input and will require a step down transformer for countries like Australia and the UK. A 1-Year limited Warranty is included with this unit for the repairs performed by OEM Electronics (in house tech for Swoppy Too).
As described by Vintagesynth.com... "The PolySix was a milestone because, along with the Roland Juno 6 which appeared almost simultaneously in 1981 the PolySix was the first opportunity ordinary mortals had to get their hands on a proper programmable polysynth. Up until then, you had to be loaded to afford a Prophet 5, Oberheim OB-Xa, or Roland Jupiter 8. At first glance it looks like a scaled-down Mono/Poly, but really it's not! In fact it had a lot of great new features such as 32 memory patches, 6 voices of polyphony, cassette backup of memory, even programmable modulation effects and Chorus, Phase, Ensemble! The Polysix has warm-sounding real analog oscillators, softer and brassy-er sounding than the Juno. Engage the built-in Chorus on a simple single-oscillator sawtooth patch and you were pretty darned close to that expensive Prophet sound. But the big ace in the Polysix's hand was the Ensemble effect. Instant Mellotron-like strings. Like the Mono/Poly the voices can be played in Unison for a 6-oscillator lead sound that was so big, it was often too big! The advanced arpeggiator can memorize and sequence chords across the keyboard."
Accessories: Hard Case