BOSS - CS-1 - Vintage Japan - 1978 - Black Label, Long Dash Silver Screw - Compression Sustainer

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Item Number: MSST-1588
Year: 1978
Origin: JAPAN
Condition: Very Good
Item Details: Compressor / Sustainer Pedal from Boss. Two-Way tone switch engages 'Normal' or 'Treble' EQ modes. Nice warm compression and very simple to use. 100% operational and in very good cosmetic condition. * Please note - the LED on these are momentary when engaging or disengaging the effect (as per the originally design). Will work on 9VDC (BOSS PSA) but was designed for use with a 12VDC supply (BOSS ACA) - 9VDC power supplies may cause distortion (due to a lower voltage headroom). Works perfectly with a 9V battery!
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