Elk Incorporated - Les Paul Special - Telecaster - 1970's MIJ - 26" Scale

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Item Number: MSST-1582
Year: 1970's
Origin: Japan
Condition: Good

Frets: ~75% Life - small impressions but does not affect play. (see pic)
Item Details: This guitar is a mystery of sorts. We have been unable to find out the correct model name or number, but it does resemble a cross between a Gibson Les Paul Special and a Fender Telecaster. Two Single Coil Pickups, Bolt On Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard. Simple Slab body and flat headstock. All original condition. The STANDOUT feature of this guitar is the 26" Scale Fretboard. It may seem marginal, but the extra length and relative higher string tension is quite noticeable, making for tighter bass response. The guitar has been set up and plays great. **Note that the incredibly thick lacquer had begun flaking on the neck - the loosening sections have been removed (leaving the sealer coat underneath intact) and their edges sanded back to a smoothly curved transition. A generic all purpose lacquer was then applied on top and cut back leaving a smooth satin finish. Feels super nice!**
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