Line 6 - DL4 - Delay Modeller

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Item Number: MSST-1579
Year: 2000's
Origin: China
Condition: Good
Item Details: This green machine holds the Music Swop Shop title for "Best yet ugliest" pedal. Personally I'm indifferent to its strange mutated-art-deco vibes and am not bothered by its large footprint, because it has to be one of the most impressively powerful pedals ever made. From Line 6: "Containing 16 models based* on legendary echo and delay boxes from the storied Maestro® EP-1 Echoplex to the awesome T.C. Electronic® 2290, the DL4™ has in turn become a classic in its own right, as popular with guitarists as it is with singers, drummers, bassists, keyboardists, and anyone who wants a pure 24-bit true stereo signal path in the service of delays that run the gamut from gritty and psychedelic to pristine and heavenly." All of the above is fine and all but the real winning features of the DL4 come down to the unintended side effects from cranking the feedback into a DSP delay (it sounds unworldly and amazing) AND the incredibly well thought out design of the switching mechanism (this unit was serviced prior to sale). This particular unit suffered 'forgotten-battery-syndrome' and required the removal of several corroded battery carcasses; and yet, the circuit was completely unmarred, with zero signs of corrosion (which normally is rife when battery acid vaporises within a closed casing). The battery terminal has been cleaned up and restored, leaving the unit in 100% working order.
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