Roland - Juno 106 - 80's Classic - Fully refurbished

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Item Number: MSST-1551
Year: 1980's
Origin: Japan
Condition: Good +
Item Details: Vintage 1980's Japan - A classic standard in analogue synthesisers. Features 6 Voice Polyphony with Digitally Controlled Oscillators; 2 x Modes of Chorus, ADRS Envelope, Pitch/VCF Bender, LFO, and 128 User Editable Presets/Patches. Fully Serviced by OEM Electronics *Voice Chips Refurbished and whole unit calibrated back to factory spec*. The 106 is an excellent choice for live use due to its relatively light weight and hard-wearing metal/plastic chassis, but makes for an equally worthy tool in the studio. *Converted for 240V Operation*
Accessories: Gig Bag