Greco - EGC-68-50 - Les Paul Custom Copy - Made in Japan - Vintage 1980's - Long Tenon - Mint Collection

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Item Number: MSST 1457
Year: 1986
Origin: Japan
Condition: Excellent
Item Details: Les Paul Custom copy made by Greco in 1986.

Greco LP copies are revered for good reason, and the Mint Collection excels at reproducing the feel and tone that gave vintage Gibson LPs their legendary status; this EGC-68-50 is no exception.

Made by Fuji-Gen and modelled on a 1968 Les Paul Custom. The attention to detail is excellent, and the result is a guitar that feels every bit as good as a Custom Shop Gibson (or a Yamano quality LP Standard).

It features a Two-piece Mahogany body with maple cap, a long Tenon Set Neck, seven ply body binding and five ply headstock binding.

The original pickups are strong and clear, producing a classic P.A.F. tone.

Internet forums will reveal a long standing debate on Short VS Long tenon neck joins, but as far as we're concerned, a Long Tenon join requires a great deal of precision and skill, and as such, we can expect the same level of quality on the entire build. EGC-68-50 is solid evidence of that.

98% Original Condition - Cavity Control Plate is missing and not included.

It has received a full fret dress, setup and service prior to sale and it SHREDS!

*2 x Small blemishes in the neck finish have been filled and sealed. 2 x Extra Strap Pins holes have been filled and sealed. (See Pics)*
Accessories: Hard Case