Morris - F-20 - Vintage Japan - Folk / 000 Size Acoustic - Serviced

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Item Number: MSST 1318
Year: 1970's
Origin: Japan
Condition: Excellent
Item Details: This is the second F-20 we've listed this week. Our long fancy blurb below is a very fair description of its sound, but unlike the other F-20, this example is in EXCELLENT condition. Nice and clean!
Freshly serviced!

And it is indeed perfect for those summer road trips!

Feel free to request extra pics/info and or set up an inspection time in store.

Made in Japan circa 1970's - The F-20 is a 000 Size Folk Guitar that draws heavy influence from the Martin & Co 000-"xx" line. Scaled at 24.9". Apart from the obvious aesthetic similarities, the Morris F-20 is made using the same infamous 'X-Bracing' technique as developed by C.F. Martin in the mid 19th Century. 

Does this guitar sound just like a vintage 70's Martin 000? Maybe...
Does it sound good? OH YEAH!
It projects nicely for a smaller body acoustic, and it does sound quite similar to a Martin 000. Excellent even-response across the whole frequency range (compared to a Gibson J-45 which pumps out the low end! *Not a criticism!*)

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