Fernandes - ST-40 The Function - 1980's Japan - Contemporary Stratocaster Copy - FST-40

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Item Number: MSST-1249
Year: 1985
Origin: JAPAN
Condition: Excellent
Item Details: 'The Function' ST-40 Stratocaster Copy is heavily modelled on the Fender Contemporary Stratocasters of the same era. This example is one of the earlier models of the production line, featuring a HH pickup outfit and a rare Floyd Rose* Non-Fine Tuning style Tremolo system. (They were later switched to a standard Fender Style).

Gorgeous and vivid Candy Apple Red finish, complete with matching Headstock. 
Comes loaded with the original Gotoh 'Super Humbucker' (Dimarzio Super Distortion Clone) loaded in the Bridge, and an unbranded pickup in the Neck (measuring 7.5K for more of a classic P.A.F. output). Note that a second strap pin has been added to the base of the body, and the original has been likewise offset - Makes for much safer leaning!

An excellent choice for musicians who love the feel of a classic Strat, but want something a bit darker and closer to the sound of a Les Paul.
This guitar has been fully serviced prior to sale, including full fret dress and polish, bridge reconditioning and polish and full setup.
(*Fernandes were using branded Floyd Rose Fine-Tuning Tremolos on the majority of the other guitar models featured in the 1985 Catalogue, but the bridge on the ST-40 was not branded - either it is a genuine Floyd Rose part (and that Floyd Rose didn't want their name shown on the lower end model), or it is an extremely high quality copy made by Fernandes.*)
Accessories: Trem Arm