Yamaha - NS-10M - Vintage 1980's Japan - Studio Reference Monitor. *SINGLE*

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Item Number: MSST 1244
Year: 1980's
Origin: Japan
Condition: Good
Item Details:

This sale is a for a Single Monitor (Left Side Unit).

It is in good/very good condition with some minor cabinet repair/touchup restoration on some of the corners and edges. It is in 100% working order and sounds great, however buyers should note that woofer has had a small (25x25mm V/X shape ) tear repaired prior to sale. OEM Electronics grafted a patch of cone paper across the inside seams of the tear, and then resealed the front face. It has been meticulously colour matched to the existing aged colour of the rest of the cone, making the repair very difficult to notice.

The NS-10 was originally sold as a Hi-Fi speaker. (Note; the NS-10M featured a darker sounding tweeter than the NS-10, but is otherwise identical.) Without going into complicated sonic science, it bombed as a Hi-Fi speaker because it reproduced frequencies beyond the typical expected range for Hi-Fi. For this exact reason, the NS-10 excels as a studio monitor. As stated by soundonsound.com... "Thanks to its time-domain accuracy and mid-heavy balance, the NS10 is an extremely revealing speaker that takes no prisoners. In other words, if the recording is poor, the NS10 will tell you in no uncertain terms. You have to work harder to make things sound good on the NS10 not because it sounds bad but because recorded music, even today, is often a poor approximation of the real thing, and the NS10 reveals it. I found a familiar comment on the SOS Forum that reads: "If it sounds good on NS10s then it'll sound good on anything." "

The NS-10M differs from the original NS-10 with a slightly darker sounding tweeter. It is otherwise identical in terms of it's ultra-revealing flat response.
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