Casio - CZ-5000

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Item Number: MSST-1182
Year: 1985
Origin: Japan
Condition: Very Good
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In fully working order and in excellent cosmetic condition! Phase-Distortion based synthesis! 


The CZ-5000 expands the Casio CZ series further into the professional arena. Based on the CZ-101 and CZ-1000 synths, the CZ-5000 adds many new features while retaining the same sound and programming methods as the latter. The keyboard is expanded to a full 61 note or 5-octave length and is capable of being split for bass and treble sounds. There is a built-in 8 track sequencer which is great for storing ideas or creating patterns and sequences to edit in real-time. The CZ-5000 has an expanded waveform memory for even more sounds and thicker sounds. It's like having two stacked CZ-1000 synths all at once! 

- Polyphony - 16 voices

- Oscillators - 2 per voice

- Filter - None

- Arpeg/Seq - Sequencer: 8 track; 3400 steps in real-time, 6400 steps in step-time; no quantizing

- Effects - Chorus

- Keyboard - 61 keys

- Memory - 32 preset, 32 user patches

- Control - MIDI

***This example has a multi-voltage input transformer which has been set to 240V. It also includes an original Casio RAM cartridge with a fresh 3V Cell battery. ALSO includes the original Casio Gig Bag!***


- Original Gig Bag
- RAM Memory Card