Joodee - Performer - Les Paul Custom - Vintage 1970's Made in Japan - Very High Spec LP Custom made by Yamaki - Greco LP Killer

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Item Number: MSST-1097
Year: 1970's
Origin: Japan
Condition: Excellent
Item Details: Very rare and seldom seen; this Joodee Les Paul Custom was made by Yamaki at the Daion factory, and was manufactured for US export only.

At first glance, its obscure brand name might suggest that it is simply another randomly named low-cost MIJ export, but from the moment you pick it up (all 5.00 kg of it), you realise that it is in a completely different league.

The Joodee Performer is modelled on a Norlin Era Gibson Les Paul Custom, featuring a 5-Piece neck/headstock (which is significantly stronger than a traditional single piece neck/headstock), 70's Style Open Book Headstock, and a slim 70's style neck profile (Medium C Oval).

The only deviation from the Norlin design is the absence of the 'sandwich' construction body. Instead, the Joodee Performer LP has been made with a traditional 2-piece Mahogany Slab, capped with a carved Maple Top. The attention to detail is incredible. It stays true to every detail of the best examples of a 1970's LP Custom, and even improves upon it.

It also features PCB mounted controls, and cavity shielding on both the control cavity AND over the pickup switch. 

This example is in 97% original condition. The only changes are...

  • New Control Knobs
  • Missing Pickguard
  • One Machine Head Grip/Keystone has been changed (the mechanism is original).

The original MIJ Machine Heads are impressive in their own right, as they feature a user-operable (no tools required) tension-adjustment ring (see pics).

It has been fully fret dressed with setup & intonation adjustment prior to sale.

Accessories: N/A