Roland - Alpha Juno 1 - 6 Voice Analog Synth

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Item Number: MSST-1033
Year: 1985
Origin: Japan
Condition: Very Good
Item Details: Slighter smaller (49 keys instead of 61) than the Alpha Juno 2, but retaining the same Octave Down option, making for a very powerful and gig friendly Analog Synth! 6 x True Analog Voices and essentially a better version of the Juno 106! Sounds somewhat warmer with a fatter chorus tone. The Alpha Juno 1 does not have a built in aftertouch strip like the Juno 2, but is instead triggered via an external expression pedal. The ONLY downside to this synth is the lack of real time hardware ie; all settings require menu diving to modify (although the super quick data wheel makes this a lot easier to adjust on the fly). A separate Roland PG-300 unit (not included) allows for comprehensive and real time setting modification, AS DOES the much more readily available and affordable Behringer BCR-2000 (which is a 'smart' MIDI controller that can be easily 'taught' which of its controls will correspond to a respective setting on the Juno Alpha). This unit is in great cosmetic condition and in perfect working order. ***100 Volts - Requires Step Down Transformer (not included)***

***OEM Electronics have quoted $75 to replace the input transformer and convert to 240 V with standard IEC connection.****
Accessories: N/A