Roland - Alpha Juno 2 - 6 Voice Analog - 106 Killer!

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Item Number: MSST 1032
Year: 1986+
Origin: Japan
Condition: Excellent
Item Details: *Fully checked over prior to sale. Aftertouch sensor ribbon refurbished and modified for higher pressure sensitivity.*

1980's Japan - Arguably a better sounding synthesiser than the Juno 106 in a smaller gig friendly package! Whilst still sporting Analog 6 Voice Synthesis with digitally controlled OSC, the Alpha 2 may've been Roland's attempt to compete against the recent and widely popular digital DX7 by Yamaha. The modern simplified control design coupled with tactile membrane buttons bares close similarities to the DX7, but still allowed for user editing via menu diving to access parameter variations (rather than having dedicated hardware). When coupled with the rare Roland PG-300 or the auto-learning Behringer BCR2000 however, you essentially have a Juno 106 with a fatter chorus! A stand out feature of the AP2, is the Aftertouch which can be assigned to modulate or control VCF, DCO and VCA parameters. Includes Original Case **Note - this unit runs on 100 Volt AC and will require a step down transformer to operate within Australia**
Accessories: Original Case