Rhodes MkI Suitcase - 73

Regular price $4,750.00

Item Number: MSST 1009
Year: Mid 1970's
Origin: USA
Condition: Very Good
Item Details: Vintage and Rare - First series of the Rhodes only name (Fender removed their name in the early 70's to push Rhodes as an independent name). Suitcase model with wooden keys and plastic hammers - Intended to be used live with the matching Powered Speaker cabinet, which features four 12" Speakers - two facing the audience and two facing the band. Factory export transformer allows for 240 V operation. This example has had a minor chop operation - case has been divided to allow key access without taking off the entire lid. Has also been modified for transportation in the ‘play’ configuration, with extra mounts for heavy duty cage style bracing (not included).

Currently tuned to 442 hz and in full working order!
Accessories: Lid and speaker cabinet/amp.