OEM - Repair Shop

Operational Electronic Manipulations - Electronic Services and Repairs by an Ordinary Electron Mechanic. 


Swoppy Too is home to OEM Repairs - Specialising in Synthesiser, Fender Rhodes, Effect Pedal and Guitar, repairs, servicing, and refurbishment.


MJ works on a no-fix-no-fee basis and will never charge a bench fee for a job quote.


As every fault is unique, at the moment pricing guides can only be applied for the following. Please get in touch with MJ via the contact page.

ROLAND Juno 106 -  FULL Voice Chip Service - (All 6 x 80017A Chips removed, soaked in Acetone, stripped of Resin coating, solder re-worked at each IC point + reinstalled) - Includes full circuit calibration/tune.

- $TBA*


ROLAND Juno 106 - Circuit Recalibration (trim pot tuning) - Done on a Hitachi Analog Scope - Includes Chorus re-bias.

- $TBA*


ROLAND Juno 106 - Voice Chip Acetone Strip only - Remove all 6 x 80017A chips, strip, re-work solder points - Reinstall (No calibration - good for players happy with the existing out-of-tune sound. Voice chips kept in same order on reinstall)

- $TBA*


*Note that the above prices assume all other components to be fully working. Discovery of broken parts (ie IC chips or trim pots) will be declared prior to any extra work/fee being applied*.




Fender / Rhodes - Tine tuning service - 73 and 88 Key Models. All tine tuning springs re-positioned and 'painted' (anti-vibration) into position. 

- $TBA



Fender / Rhodes - Escapement and Pickup Adjustment.

This service adjusts the resting point of the tine in relation to the pickup and the proximity of each pickup in relation to the end point of the tine, controlling their harmonic output and relative volumes respectively. Escapement is best described as being the difference between a growly dirty Rhodes sound (rich in harmonics) or a clean purer natural note sound. 'Heard' volume will differ with the changing harmonics so a Pickup adjustment is recommended. 

Full Service - $TBA

Escapement only - $TBA



Fender / RhodesEscapement Adjustment. This service adjusts the resting point of the tine in relation to the pickup. Similar to a guitar strings proximity to the .  

- $TBA 


Being a very small operation (often run as a moonlight operation to commitments working at Swoppy Too), customers should expect some lead time on jobs.