This is the Swoppy... Too! 


Q: Is this store affiliated with the Music Swop Shop on Elgin St?

A: Indeed it is! We are entirely owned and operated by the same staff.

Q: Do you offer layby?

A: Yes we do! Just like the original store, Swoppy Too offers a one-month layby with a minimum 10% deposit. 

Q: What does Swoppy Too sell? Why open a second store so close to the original Swop Shop?

A: Swoppy Too is an import store for second hand instruments from Japan. The original store is bursting at the seams, so in order to offer up these super special goodies, Swoppy Too was created to provide a dedicated location that focuses solely on the sale of said items! 

We sell everything and anything that may turn up for sale second hand in Japan! Electric Pianos, Synths, Guitars, Keyboards, Hi-Fi Gear and so on! 

Q: Do you take on consignment sales?

A: At the moment we are strictly a sales only operation. The future is never set in stone so keep an ear out for any updates!


Q: When are you open?

A: At the moment Swoppy Too is a web-based sales store only, with strict appointment requirements for any onsite inspections or collections. 

Appointments can be made via our contact page.


Q: Do you offer a repair service?

A: Yes! Limited mainly to electronics, OEM Electronic Repairs and Services is located in the Swoppy Too warehouse. You can get in touch with their single-person staffer MJ via our contact page.