Fender Rhodes - Janus Speakers - 2 x Powered Speakers for Stage/Suitcase Models

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Item Number: MSST-1571
Year: 1978 +
Origin: USA
Condition: Very Good
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A fully working pair of original Rhodes amplified speakers. The Janus range were named for their likeness to the Roman mythical figure with two faces, seeing in two different directions (future and past) at once. The Janus speaker columns allow the player to customize the direction of their sound; an important upgrade from the original suitcase design which was limited to a single position underneath the keyboard (as suitcase models did not come with a separate leg mount). They replaced the predecessor Satellite range, and included Stereo Amps, 5-Pin DIN connection for auxillary connection to Suitcase models, and standard Mono 1/4" connections for immediate use with Rhodes Stage models. This pair are original 240V export models and come complete with original castors.
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