Greco - JJ-75 - Guitar Device - Vintage Made in Japan - SuperStrat

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Item Number: MSST 1425
Year: 1988
Origin: Japan
Condition: Very Good
Item Details: Made in March 1988.

The JJ-75 was the high-end model offered in the 1980's JJ Line, originally retailing at 75,000 Yen. (Approx 1300 USD/ 1800 AUD in 2020).

It features the original Greco 'G-Force' Tremolo System (a Floyd Rose replica), 2 x JX-II Single Coil pickups, and the infamous Dry-Z humbucker at the bridge. *Note, the middle JX-II pickup has been rewound by OEM Electronics with 43AWG to 6.97k Ohm (DC).*

Master Volume and Tone controls as standard, but pickup switching is routed through 3 x individual on/off toggle switches. This allows for traditional 5-way Strat pickup combinations but with the additional (and very popular) Neck+Bridge combo. 

It sports an Alder Body with One-Piece Maple Neck and Rosewood Fingerboard and is in near excellent condition if not for the following...

  • - 2 x Machine Heads have replacement gearing/bodies
  • - A small lacquer crack at the Nut (Low E side) and very minor fretboard ding (repaired; see pics)
  • - Sticker 'Tan Lines'

Curiously, there is significant variation between the body and neck colour. After a very close inspection, we believe that the neck has not been refinished, and is original to the body. The photo of the neck pocket (and the pics of the sticker tan lines), show the original colour to be a close match. We suspect that the neck was sealed with a different type/batch of clear coat than that used on the body (which has yellowed drastically with age). Both the neck and body bear the same maker stamp/brand.

It has been fully serviced prior to sale; frets have been fully levelled, dressed, re-crowned and mirror polished; middle pickup rewound and pole pieces refurbished, electronics inspected and cleaned, and the bridge assembly has been fully cleaned/detailed, polished and lubricated.

It plays fast and it sounds awesome.
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